The Heart of Hampton House – Review

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The Heart of Hampton House by Anita Stansfield

Published: October 1, 2020

Genre: Regency

Length: 241 pages

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About the book:

Upon the death of her beloved father, Deidre Miller is left penniless and alone. Her choices are few: if she is to survive, she has no choice but to assume domestic work. So when she is taken on as a maid in the vast manor of the powerful Hampton family, Deidre is determined to prove her mettle. But when she catches the eye of the young master of the house, she is set upon an unexpected new path.

Julian Hampton is immediately taken by the gentle, new housemaid. He sees in her the qualities necessary to help him with his greatest responsibility: the care of his younger sister. When he offers Deidre a position as his sister’s companion, it is an opportunity that is not without its challenges. Deidre becomes fast friends with Julian and his sister, but with this relationship comes stirrings of resentment within the household directed at the young woman who has risen so quickly to such a position of responsibility. As Deidre’s connection with Julian deepens into a forbidden love, she must reconcile the tumultuous feelings of her heart or risk losing everything.

My review:

This was a good book, but I found myself having trouble staying into it. I liked the characters well enough, but it felt like it was dragged out and didn’t move fast enough. The ending felt a bit abrupt. I would like to see more of Miranda’s story.

My rating:  3-Stars-300x57


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