Pockets of Purpose – Blog Tour (Giveaway)


Pockets of Purpose (The Pocket Quilt series Book 2) by Laurie Stroup Smith

Published: June 30, 2021

Genre: Amish Fiction

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About the book:

Surgical complications leave an Amish auctioneer searching for his passions and purpose.

Two years after exchanging her first love letters with Gideon Petersheim, Dixie Yoder tucks his notes into her pocket quilt and travels from Pinecraft to Holmes County, hopeful for a future together

Their relationship blossoms until the auctioneer has surgery to remove a cyst from his vocal cords. Complications from the procedure interfere with his healing, leaving him searching for his passions and purpose. Instead of leaning on Dixie through this tough time, Gideon pushes her away and turns his back on God..

Frustrated and heartbroken, Dixie is torn between staying in Ohio with the new friends she has grown to love or returning to Pinecraft to nurse a broken heart. Knowing what he’s losing, Gideon must fight through the anger to find his way back to her. But is he too late?


My review:

This was a sweet Amish romance. I liked that the romance side was lighter. I also liked that they struggled with health issues because it made them more relatable. It was also nice reading about characters from the first book. I really like Laurie Stroup Smith’s writing! I was able to read this whole book in one sitting!


My rating:  4-Stars-300x57


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