A Patchwork Past – Review


A Patchwork Past (Plain Patterns #2) by Leslie Gould

Published: March 30, 2021

Genre: Amish, Split-time

Length: 336 pages

Goodreads  Amazon

About the book:

When wild child Sophie Deiner–the daughter of an Amish bishop–is forced to return to Nappanee, Indiana, quilt-shop owner Jane Berger is one of only a few who welcome her back. It’s the last place she wants to be, but Sophie’s recent illness requires that she recover for a while.

As Sophie heals, she befriends a group of migrant workers and is appalled to learn of the wretched living conditions they’re forced to endure. Sophie begins advocating on their behalf, but soon finds herself opposed by an ex-boyfriend who is the farm foreman.

Jane begins relating the story of an Amish couple who rescued survivors of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, many of whom were Irish immigrants. And Sophie is more convinced than ever that she needs to fight for the powerless. But when digging deeper makes conditions even worse, has she chosen a fight she can’t win?

My review:

I enjoyed this split-time story. I really liked how the author weaved the stories together. I have been enjoying Jane’s character and how she has these stories that benefit someone in need. I liked how this book touched on a topic that isn’t very common, but is relevant in today’s culture.

My rating:  4-Stars-300x57


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