Miracle on Ford Avenue – Review

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Miracle on Ford Avenue (A Harbored Secrets Christmas Novella) by Natalie Walters

Published: December 10, 2020

Genre: Contemporary


About the book:

Reunite with Lane, Charlie, Ryan, Vivian, Colton, and Pecca as they return to Walton to celebrate Christmas.⁣

This year in Walton a very special group of children may not get the Christmas they were expecting. With the days to a promised celebration counting down, these friends unite in their effort to make Christmas happen—no matter what. But the task seems impossible, even with the help of some very special veterans.⁣

When what could have been a joyful reunion turns into a mission, the cast of the Harbored Secrets series finds that discovering the true heart of Christmas sometimes takes a miracle.

My review:

This story was such a blessing! It’s just what I needed this year! I laughed and I cried. Oh how I have missed these characters!

My rating: 5-Stars-300x57


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