One Year Blog Anniversary! (Giveaway!)

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All The Bookish Adventures is celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary!

I can’t believe that it has been a year since I have joined the blogging community! Its had its ups and downs, but overall, I have enjoyed it. I have made friends with other bloggers this year as well. There have been several times where I had considered stopping altogether, but I’m glad that I haven’t.

To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite books from this year of blogging.



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Thank you for joining me for these adventures!

I would like to celebrate by giving away a mystery pack of books to one of the readers of my blog! The giveaway will run until Oct. 16th (which is the day of my first post).

Enter the giveaway here!


31 thoughts on “One Year Blog Anniversary! (Giveaway!)

  1. Happy Blog Birthday! Your reading taste is very similar to mine, judging by the books you’ve reviewed. I really can’t pick a favorite because it seems that the book I’m reading is always my fave.

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  2. Congratulations! You’ve named some great books in this post and two of them are my favorite reads from this year. The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus once again proved the amazing talent of Jaime Jo Wright and I was blown away with Amanda Cox’s debut novel The Edge of Belonging is a beautiful read!

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  3. Congrats on your blog anniversary 🎉 I’ve read many good books this year. Some of my favorites have been The Elusive Miss Ellison by Carolyn Miller, The Hawthorne House series by Kristi Ann Hunter, Dangerous Alliance by Jennieke Cohen, and the Books of Dalthia series by Annette K. Larsen. The list could go on…..

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  4. WOW! A year already! CONGRATULATIONS, Kailey!

    I enjoyed the Griffin Force series by Julie Bellon. I’m looking forward to the next installment in this series. I also enjoyed “Above the Fold” by Rachel Scott McDaniel.

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  5. Congratulations!
    I could name several of the same books.
    Natalie Walters and Jaimie’s books.
    Definitely Amanda Dykes’ book.
    Roseanna White’s, Sarah Sundin’s and Abigail Wilson’s.
    I have 19 beyond 5 stars that I’ve read this year.
    I’m so glad that there are truly quality Christian Fiction books out there!

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  6. Congrats on your anniversary!! A couple of my favorite books from this year are The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus and The Key to Love by Betsy St. Amant!


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