Line by Line – Review

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Line by Line (Love Along the Wires book 1) by Jennifer Delamere

Published: June 30, 2020

Genre: Historical Fiction

Length: 384 pages

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About the book:

Years of hard work enabled Douglas Shaw to escape a life of desperate poverty–and now he’s determined to marry into high society to prevent reliving his old circumstances. But when Alice McNeil, an unconventional telegrapher at his firm, raises the ire of a vindictive co-worker, he must choose between rescuing her reputation and the future he’s always planned.


My review:

This one took me quite a while to get into it and to finish it. I’m not sure if it was the book or just me. I had read other books by Jennifer Delamere and liked them. This one wasn’t too bad, but it just didn’t keep me hooked. I liked that Alice was all for being independent during a time when women didn’t really do that. At times it felt like there was no way these characters could even have a relationship because they were so focused on work. I think I liked the last third of the book the most.


My rating:  3-Stars-300x57


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