Phoebe’s Secret – Review

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Phoebe’s Secret: Phoebe’s First Mystery by Sydney Tooman Betts

Published: June 20, 2020

Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery

Length: 196 pages

Goodreads  Amazon


About the book:

In April of 1843, Phoebe’s family hears about a murder while they are traveling to their new home in the Shenandoah Valley. They arrive to learn the victim attended the church her father has agreed to pastor and the crime took place on a leading church member’s plantation.

Eager to make new friends, Phoebe forms a unique relationship that propels her into the middle of the mystery, and she begins to question several acquaintances’ motives. Will she uncover their secrets before the plantation owner’s charming son discovers hers?


My review:

This was a really enjoyable historical mystery. It was a little slow to start, but I think that’s because it takes some time to introduce us to the new characters and setting. I did really like how she referenced her past books in this book. I really liked Phoebe and Augie. I really look forward to seeing what’s next for them!


My rating:  4-Stars-300x57


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