The Solace of Water – Review


The Solace of Water by Elizabeth Byler Younts

Published: June 5, 2018

Genre: Historical Fiction, Amish

Length: 359 pages

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About the book:

After the loss of her young son, Carver, an African-American preacher’s wife named Delilah Evans moves with her family from Montgomery, Alabama, to Sinking Creek, Pennsylvania, for a fresh start. The last thing she could have imagined was becoming friends with Emma Mullet, a reclusive Amish woman.

Emma is fighting personal battles of her own and feels estranged from her small Amish community. The secrets that have kept her isolated from her own community serve to unite her in an unlikely friendship with Delilah.

Sparrow, Delilah’s eldest daughter, knows she is responsible for the death of her little brother. When tensions at home become unbearable, she seeks solace at Emma’s house, becoming the surrogate daughter Emma has always wanted. Sparrow, however, is hiding secrets of her own, secrets that could sever all ties to her safe refuge.

Life for these three gets harder when church and social issues confront them, causing rifts within Sinking Creek’s three distinct communities: whites, blacks, and Amish. When their carefully protected secrets come to light, there seems to be little hope for friendship, restoration, or even forgiveness. But when the unthinkable happens, Delilah and Emma find themselves looking into the mirror of their own self-deceptions and are forced to make a choice that will set the way of their future.


My review:

This is such an excellent book! It makes us take a look at grief and sin and the different forms it can take. I loved the different ladies and their stories. One of the characters really challenged me and made me not like her, but I eventually warmed up to her and understood her. I really liked a different character and really connected with her. I loved how the three different character perspectives tied together to form this deep and moving story. I loved how they overcame grief, pain, and the racial barriers of the time period to form a lasting friendship.

I highly recommend the audiobook version if you can get it! The narrator, Nan Gurley, really captured the spirit of each character.


My rating: 5-Stars-300x57


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