Welcome to my page!

Hello, my name is Kailey and welcome to All The Bookish Adventures!


I have always loved escaping into a book. I have been an avid reader since I was a child. Growing up I eagerly read whatever I could get my hands on. Nowadays, I mainly read Christian fiction and some clean fiction with some nonfiction mixed in. My favorite genres are Historical, Suspense, and Thriller. I am open to trying all different types of genres.

I absolutely love books and love talking about them! I will be sharing reviews here of the books that I am currently reading and books that I have read in the past. Since I’m not very wordy, my reviews will be short and sweet.

My hope is that this can be a place to share about books that we love. My goal is to help someone find their new favorite author and/or book!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by!


7 thoughts on “Welcome to my page!

  1. Hi! Glad to see your blog! I am following. My favorite genres are Christian: historicals and Suspense/mystery, too! Only certain contemporary authors. I love dual time, too. Blessings on your new venture!


  2. Wow, Kailey this is exciting! I can’t wait to read the reviews you post and get ideas for new books and/or authors to check out. And, I am so proud of you stepping out of your comfort zone to do this blog.

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  3. Kailey, I’m so excited to be following your blog! Congrats on joining the blogging world.

    I enjoy Christian mystery/suspense, thriller, dual time-line, historical genres.

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